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Pete's favorite phrase " Graffiti Changed My Life" 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Pete's artwork can be traced back to his adolescent influence: Graffiti!

In the early 80's Pete (A.K.A. ZEL) used the streets and subways of New York as his canvas. Having been involved with graffiti writing and gang violence, Pete refused to fail. He studied at the School of Art & Design in New York. Guided by his "New York" swagger and "Go Getter" attitude, Pete managed to teach himself whatever was needed to launch his own business and keep his family afloat. His results again demonstrate his leadership and capabilities. 


In the course of his diverse 20+ year career, Pete Lopez has proven to be a skilled executive and entrepreneur. Demonstrating initiative from the start, Pete is not only an airbrush artist but a success story. Quickly distinguishing himself as a leader, Pete proved his flexibility by responding to changing market conditions and trends. His ability  to wear many hats in the effort to meet and exceed goals and challenges has solidified his foundation in the business world.


Pete Lopez is a local small business owner of the well known AIRBRUSH FACTORY at FleaWorld in Orlando/Sanford, FL. His business provides a wide range of custom airbrushed artwork and services. Prior to establishing his own business, Pete worked as a Master Jeweler in New York's Diamond District and is no stranger to the art of designing tattoos.


In conjunction with the Orlando Police Department, Pete also serves his community by airbrushing sneakers at the Kicks for Guns Annual Event. He has worked and continues to work with troubled kids. He discusses his past struggles and provides council on working towards a positive and successful future. In 2007, he was nominated by a student from Oviedo High School in Central Florida  to be his mentor. Teachers also use his story in their classrooms as a positive example which was featured in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper (October 14 2007 article).


Pete continues to expand his portfolio by researching current trends and experimenting with various products and techniques. He constantly provides new and exciting ideas for his clients; bringing their thoughts, creations and ideas to life. His latest project will be displayed in the media center at Rock Lake Middle School in Longwood, FL.


Pete is also working on launching his own clothing line worldwide AIRWEAR NYC, currently available in Europe.

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